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Here’s a time management tip for office managers: using time clock software, you can see how many hours are being put into certain jobs and use the data to increase efficiency and productivity.


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"Solve Your Time Management Problems By Tomorrow Night!"

In Just A Few Hours You'll Learn To Save Time And Organize Yourself In Over 16 Different Ways!


From : Catherine Nellissen

The feeling you get when you're organized is exhilarating (I'm not kidding!). You feel like you can take on anything life throws at you. Being organized also shows that you respect yourself, respect your time and other people's precious time as well. If you are looking for tools to help you get organised and manage your time adequately, then please read on and find out more about how this site can help you change your life today.

Hi, I'm Catherine Nellissen. Effective Time Management came into my life fourteen years ago when I started my career in event planning. It didn't take me too long to realize how important it was to stay on top of my game and make sure that everything I organized was spot on - no mistakes could be made or it could be very costly to myself and my team!

Over the years, I've developed templates that I use daily. I have tricks to make sure I don't forget any detail, big or small. I developed templates for myself, read every book I could find on time management, listened to audio-tapes, got an organizer, kept every bit of information about vendor and customer details in an orderly manner. I became a task and time management monster! It paid off. No longer was I stressed out wondering what was going to happen next. Everyone that worked with me knew where they were going and when things needed to be done. I finally had peace of mind!

Most books I read on time management have between 250 and 350 pages. They're very long to read which defeats the purpose of trying to save time!!!! There is time management software out there. Although quicker to apply, they only work while my computer's on therefore not practical when I'm in a hurry. They don't teach you how to lose your bad habits nor do they explain why it's important to set goals and keep focussed.

This book was written for people like me who want to learn quickly and apply what they learn immediately. No fuss. Just letting you know what you need to do and away you go. This book was written for the task oriented, the efficient, the impatient and fast paced people. You learn the essential. Apply it as you go. Experience the difference in a few hours. I've done all the homework for you - all you have to do is spend an hour or two reading it and you're on your way to mastering time management!

"Very easy read, did not take much time at all
The book makes time management seem easy; which it is if you follow the
principles in the book. "
Kevin McLaughlin

Here's why you should get this book:

 Use and reuse the planning templates.
They're printer-friendly. Use one for every week to track what you need to do and make sure you don't forget anything!

 Determine your lifetime goals with the help of our yearly planner
Remember - a goal remains a dream if you don't put it on paper. My yearly planner will give you a better idea of what you need to do in the next twelve months to reach your goals. You'll have a great sense of direction with this tool on hand.

 Achieve more goals than you ever dreamt of with our monthly, weekly and daily planner
Again, if it's not on paper, it's not in your near future! Out of sight, out of mind!

 Learn how to delegate
It's OK not to be able to do everything for everyone! You can delegate at work and at home to make sure that all the tasks are done in a timely manner.

 Learn how to say NO to time wasters
You probably don't even notice what you do in a day that keeps you from accomplishing the essential. It's often the little things. The last minute things. The things that people who can't manage their time effectively bring to you at the last minute and expect you to accomplish!

 Learn how to only attend productive meetings
Meetings are often used as a break for a lot of workers. They're perceived as something different to do in a rather monotonous day. Why do people think like that? Because, most of the meetings they attend have nothing to do with them!!!

 Increase your ability to direct your daily life;
Again, you need to plan your day. It sounds obvious but how many people really do it? You need to write your daily goals down or you will not get them done!

 Learn how to fight time management problems like procrastination and bad habits;
There are ways to overcome your bad habits. You'll learn really simple steps that you can apply everywhere in your life.

 Get organized at work;
Learn how to file, keep your desk tidy, keep track of what needs to be done, keep track of ongoing projects.



I was only recently considering sending you an email to say how much I enjoyed the two texts you have prepared. I have benefited from them more that I could have imagined.

I am a part owner in a small design and drafting engineering consulting firm and with two other partners it gets rather messy trying to push work out and continue with a good business relationship while keeping the work hours to a reasonable level. I specifically didn't tell my partners that I purchased your e-books to see if they saw any change in the way I now do things and manage my time (I was fairly ordinary in managing my time and still have lots of improving to do). It's only taken these last few months to adapt your exercises to my work and at home and there has been a definite improvement in the way others see me and the way I've changed including my work and my attitude to my work.

I still haven't told my partners or my wife as I want to achieve some more milestones before I break the news. They haven't come straight out and ask what has changed but I've noticed that they have noticed a difference, if you know what I mean. Feels good to achieve the goals little by little.

It's great reading, easy and most enjoyable.

By the way, the method in which the books are published is wonderful. So easy.

Thanks and all the best."

Ron Mugliett, Champion Engineers


 Learn how to prioritize tasks;
There are three types of tasks. Learn how to categorize them and prioritize them. You'll be better for it and a lot less stressed about getting them done on time.

 Get organized at home;
Why have a messy home, messy cupboards, messy rooms when there are measures that you can take to keep your house tidy all week long! No more spending your Saturdays cleaning like crazy!

 Get your family involved in effective time management
Learn how everyone can pitch in. With a bit of discipline and determination, every member of your household can considerably reduce the time they spend cleaning!!

 Learn how to measure time accurately;
Get to work on time. Get your kids to school on time. Get your assignments done on time. Learn how stress-free you can be!

 Learn how to balance your life if you're a student;
Being a student takes a lot out of you. You study full-time, work part-time, have a very busy social life and have an even busier time during the year when all assignments are due at the same time and all exams need to be studied for in a couple of weeks! You need to know how to manage your time!

 Learn how to stay motivated.
This is by far the biggest challenge people get confronted with. You'll learn how to battle your demons and stay focussed until you reach your goals! How's that?!

"Managing a small software company, I often work 15-18 hour days, but after reading this book, I realized there's a big difference between working and being productive. I'm now getting a lot more done in a less amount of time.

Effective Time Management helped me refocus on where I was heading and where I really wanted to go. I have now cut out the things that weren't in line with my goals, plus I have a lot more time now to see my family and friends.

Paul Smith, Auratech Software

It's normal to feel overwhelmed in a busy office. Feeling that you forgot something is very scary - especially if you're in a field where mistakes just can't happen.

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying - "No. I Haven't Read It, I've Been Meaning to!"

This book was designed to bring to your attention the different ways you can get organized at work. I have tools that will help you stay on top of your workload and that will show you exactly where you're at. This is really practical especially if you're sick one day. Someone else can find out exactly what's been done and where you're at.

 Work is piling up and not much is being done. Some days it seems that everyone needs you to do something urgently. You will learn what is truly urgent and what's important; prioritizing and putting off to the next day. Tell people where you're at and what to expect. Give them choices, options to get their work done in due time.

 Everything that gets to my desk is urgent but there's too much work and not enough time. You will learn the art of delegation - Yes, it doesn't matter if you're a manager or a subordinate, everyone can delegate. If you don't have time to do it who in your office will? And could they even do it quicker then yourself? How about that!

 Meetings take up too much of my time and I'm falling behind in my work. You'll learn the appropriate way to say the most powerful time-saver in the world "NO". You'll discover how to make the most of your meetings and make sure they are not a waste of time for you. You will realize that by simply reading its agenda, it can save you hours in your day. You'll start setting a meeting trend in your office I can guaranty that!!!

"Hi Catherine,

Effective Time Management is a terrific means to create a personal roadmap
and help clarify what's important - Rick Bryson!

(a) Did you find the time to read all the book?
Found the time to read the book, wonderful style and format!

(b) Did you find the book light and easy to read?
The presentation of effective time management tips and tools is quick, easy,

(c) Were the exercises useful and did you apply any of them?
The exercises are very useful, easy to apply, especially the self-analysis
and focusing on balance!

(d) Have you benefited at all from having read the book?
I personally benefited, even just reading the book to start thinking and
focusing on effective time management. Time passes by - time to get the
right thing done - this book provides the right guide and focus for
accomplishing this - easily."

Rick Bryson

 It would take three of me to get the work done

When cloning is not an option, planning, delegation and multi-tasking is the next best thing! Too often people fail to plan and their world seems to fall apart. While planning your day is an excellent way to know what needs to be done, planning your weeks and months can be a lifesaver. You see, knowing what comes ahead will save you from the unexpected time consuming daily tasks that come your way every single day.

No plan is fool proof but if you know what's coming, you'll at least have a bit of time to take action before it's too late. Less stress, no more headaches!

 I never seem to study the right things for my exams
For some lucky people studying isn't part of their vocabulary. But for most of us, it's just something that needs to be done. Don't you wish there was a better way to do it? Well there is. The trick isn't what to study but what not to study. Nor is it how long you study for but for who you study for. Did I puzzle you? Well, in this book, you'll learn a fantastic way that's not discussed very often, that truly changed the way I studied - and it works!!

 I have trouble juggling work, study and my social life - something's got to give
Well, not really. Having realistic goals and a really good schedule is part of the equation. How determined you are to make it work is a big part of the solution. You'll learn tricks to adapt your busy schedule to your needs and learn a bit more about how your metabolism can work in your favour when it comes to effectively managing your time.

 I never find time to pamper myself. All I do is work long hours and get home exhausted
We would live in a totally different world if 99% of the population would eliminate from their life the number one time waster in the modern world!! So much time is wasted - gone forever - by this habit. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had an extra four hours per night? In this book, you'll learn several ways to get more time to start a hobby or pamper yourself - you won't believe it!

My friend, If I tell you in two hours how you can effectively control the way you use your time will you listen? Further more, will you act? If not, what will happen? What if you miss this chance? Will you regret it forever? Will you let yourself down? Don't wait, order now! You can download this book and by tonight, be filling out the really simple templates and get yourself started.

For your efforts, please let me give you these four extra books and this time management software:

  BONUS #1 - ($15.99 Value)

The Secret of Success The Secret of Success It is true that we believe that each and every person must work out his own Success, along the lines of his own Individuality, instead of along some cut-and-dry plan. And right here is where the "Secret of Success" comes in. Find out more on how you can become successful as a unique indivisual.


BONUS #2 - ($15.99 Value)

The Master Key System is a system that teaches the ultimate principles, causes, effects, and laws that underlie all attainment and success. When you want to attain something, The Master Key System will show you how to get it.
The Results you will attain from using this system are so startling as to appear incredible. For this reason, more and more people are becoming students of The Master Key System than ever before.
Unlock your power and potential by learning The Master Key System. You will learn the solution to attaining your goals and solving all of your problems... Personal, financial, and business.


BONUS #3 - ($15.99 Value)

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day is an interesting text that focuses on how every man and woman from the richest to the poorest is given 24 hours to spend each day as he/she wishes. The author challenges the reader on the choice one must make on how to spend these hours wisely or not. This makes for an interesting dissertation that brings you to wonder which is more precious: time or money?


BONUS #4 - ($15.99 Value)

How to Study and Teaching How to Study; Students tell the truth when, recalling practice, they almost universally declare that studying is mainly memorizing. Helen Keller's complaint that she had to study so much that she did not have time to think, expresses a very common experience. In this invaluable book, you will work through the four stages of learning and will finally uncover the mistery of effective studying.


*** SPECIAL LIMITED TIME BONUS #5 - ($24.99 Value) ***


A lot of people get overwhelmed with the number of tasks they have to do. This program allows you to just enter in those things that need doing TODAY. You can then tick (check) them off as they are completed. The program also sits in the background and will pop up on a set interval to remind you of your to-do list so you stay focused.
(Windows version only)


Yes, these four information-packed books and this "To-Do List" software (if you order before Midnight) are yours for FREE when you buy "Effective Time Management!" That's a bonus of $88.95 all for the low, limited-offer price of $39.99 $29.99 for this package worth over $100.00! That's a $73.96 saving!! You just can't go wrong with that!

Our Guarantee

You can't loose with my No Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured with my no risk, you can't loose, 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with my "Effective Time Management" book within thirty days of your purchase, I will gladly refund your money and let you keep the four bonus books and the software.

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Wishing you great success.


Catherine Nellissen

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